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Thread: [PC/PS4] Knight And Bikes

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    [PC/PS4] Knights And Bikes

    Double Fine presents ...
    Van de makers van Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet en Ratchet & Clank ...

    Knights And Bikes is a hand-painted action-adventure for 1 or 2 players, set on a British island in the 1980s.

    It's a coming-of-age story starring Nessa & Demelza, exploring the coasts of Penfurzy on their trusty bikes, looking for a legendary lost treasure in a Goonies-inspired tale of excitement, danger, fun and friendship.

    The two new friends, along with their pet-goose and the pickled-head of an undead knight, form the Penfurzy Rebel Bicycle Club, and are ready for anything this adventure throws at them. They pedal into danger to face threats head-on with frisbees, water-balloons, video game controllers and the powerful beats of an amplified boom-box.

    Along the way they'll stuff their pockets with trinkets and barter for bike upgrades, spurring them onward down the island's country lanes, windswept beaches, deep forests, modern attractions and ancient ruins.

    Together their friendship will create an adventure as big as their imaginations.



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    Coming of age, 1980's -> nice!

    Van de makers van Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet en Ratchet & Clank -> \_(ツ)_/

    Het ziet er prachtig uit in ieder geval.
    Vragen? Stuur een mailtje naar of spreek me aan op Steam.

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