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Thread: [Multi] The Wolf Among Us 2

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    [Multi] The Wolf Among Us 2

    Telltaleís The Wolf Among Us sequel is being resurrected

    We donít have a release date yet

    A second season of Telltale Gamesí The Wolf Among Us is being produced, following the studioís shutdown last year and its relaunch in August. The Wolf Among Us 2 had been in development before Telltaleís closure, and itís now being created in conjunction with AdHoc Studio, which was founded by former Telltale developers. The original voice actors for Bigby Wolf (Adam Harrington) and Snow White (Erin Yvette) will also be returning. Thereís not much more detail about the new season, except for a brief reintroduction to Bigby Wolf ó the protagonist of the original 2014 adventure game based on comic series Fables.

    In a press release, LCG Entertainment ó which purchased Telltaleís assets earlier this year ó said the game would be available on consoles and on PC initially as an Epic Games Store exclusive. We donít know when thatís happening, but you can see the brief trailer for the second season above.
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